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Geiger RS, Rothman A, Suss L, Price R. 
“LSD effects on mature and immature brain cells in culture”. 
Fed. Proc.. 1968;27:651.
LSD (0.0001 to 0.005 mg/ml) slowed down pumping movements of the neuronal perikarya in cultures from mature brain, human and rabbit; but not in those from newborns and infants (2 days to 4 months). These differential effects were determined by measuring surface areas of sequential frames (2 1/2 minutes apart) in time lapse motion pictures and correlating them with movements of intracellular particulates. LSD also slowed down axoplasmic flow and movements of boutons at axo-somatic synapses in mature neurons but not in those demonstrated by superimposing three color key (3M) transparancies each printed in a different primary color and each made from sequential frames, at specific intervals, from time lapse motion pictures. Movements of giant astrocytes, which are the only cells in brain cell cultures that could be confused with neurons, were analyzed by these techniques and showed none of the typical movements of neurons. Upon addition of LSD, astrocytes and oligodendroglia remain in a relaxed state and show no transfer of particulate matter to neurons- an effect similar to Barbital.
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