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Smith DE, Rose AJ. 
“The use and abuse of LSD in haight-ashbury (Observations by the Haight-Ashbury Medical Center)”. 
Clinical Pediatrics. 1968;7:317-322.
The ergot alkaloids are a group of drugs obtained from a fungus which grows on rye and gives rise to a number of compounds such as ergonovine and ergotamine, useful in contracting the uterus after child birth and in the treatment of migraine headaches. All of the ergo alkaloids contain lysergic acid at the basis of their chemical structure. LSD (Lysergic acid, Saure Diethylamide) was first synthesized in 1938 as an intermediate leading to the synthesis of ergonovine. Its profound psychological effects were not noted at that time. In 1943, Dr. Albert Hoffman, one of the people involved in the original synthesis, sought to develop a stimulant built up on lysergic acid as its nucleus. One day, while working with the drug, he began to experience some peculiar psychologic changes.
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