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Vojtéchovský M, Krus D, Kunz K, Skála J. 
“The influence of tryptophane and 5-HTP pretreatment on experimental psychosis induced by LSD”. 
Active.nerv.sup (Prague). 1967;9:445-446.
The literary reports about the interaction of alcohol with the metabolism of biogenic amines stimulated our interest about the causes of weakened reactions to LSD in chronic alcoholics (Arnold and Hoff, 1953, Ditman and Whitlessey 1959, Vojtechovsky et al, 1966). Reported lowered levels of serotonin and noradrenaline in brain tissues after alcohol loading (Gursey and Olson 1960) induced an idea to improve this suggested depletion in alcoholics before LSD session by serotonine precursors. In previoius papers concerning the interaction of 5-HTP and LSD (Brengelmann et al, 1958, Pare et al, 1962) was concluded, that LSD response, especially in its initial stage is lessened by 5-HTP. The third paper (Klee et al, 1960) about the same topic refers the equivocal results. In all above mentioned experiments rather low doses of 5-HTP (40-60 mg) by intraveous route of administration were used. No experiments with dl-tryptophane pretreatment of LSD are reported.
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