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Szara S, Morotn DM, Aikens A. 
“Comparison of hallucinogenic and nonhallucinogenic congeners of regional serotonin metabolism in brain”. 
Pharmacologist. 1967;9:250.
The effects of the hallucinogenic drugs, N,N-diethyltryptamine (DET) and LSD-25, were compared to the effects of their nonhallucinogenic congeners, 6-fluoro-DET and 2-bromo-LSD (BOL), on the regional serotonin metabolism of the mouse brain. A behaviourally active dose of one of the drugs was injected i.p. into mice, followed by a dose of 5-HTP-H3 15 mins. Later and a dose of 5-HTP-C14 after 25 mins. The animal's brain was dissected 45 minutes after the first injection and the radioactive metabolites of 5-HTP analyzed in small (1-8 mg) areas of the brain

Saline and the same comparison of data from the 18 regions studied shows that the levels of 5-HT were increased in more areas and to a larger extent after the hallucinogenic drugs than after their nonhallucinogenic congeners.

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