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Schwarz CJ. 
“Paradoxical responses to Chlorpromazine after LSD”. 
Psychosomatics. 1967;8:210-211.
Chlorpromazine has been used as one of the standard antidotes to LSD, but there have been a few reports of failures in responses and of adverse reaction. Ungerleider, J.T. et al, reported one case which did not improve with high doses of oral or intramuscular chlorpromazine. Malitz, S. et al, noted "increased motor restlessness, mounting anxiety, and brief intensification of visual hallucinations" following intravenous administration chlorpromazine to terminate the LSD experience in experimental subjects. Abramson, H.A., using a subjective questionnaire technique, reported that oral chlorpromazine produced "in some instances an apparently enhanced reaction to LSD"; this reaction was not reported after intramuscular injections. The following two cases observed by the author would appear to support these impressions.
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