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“Clinical value of LSD questioned; physical damage reported”. 
Journal of American Medical Association. 1967;201(13):24.
Most studies remain preliminary, but virtually every pertinent discipline in now studying the "mind-expander" lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) with greater depth and understanding than a year ago. Recent reports from psychiatrists, pharmacologists, and cytogeneticsts bring indications that LSD may be damaging physically as well as psychologically, is less valuable clinically than once believed. The finding that LSD is associated with increased chromosome breakage was reported this spring by Maimon M. Cohen, PhD, and co-workers at State University of Newe York, and others (JAMA Medical News 200:20 [May 29] 1967). This finding has now been confirmed in about 40 LSD users examined at Buffalo and elsewhere. Perhaps more disturbing is proof that LSD crosses the placenta, Dr. Choen told a recent National Foundation conference. Two of four children exposed, in utero when their mothers took varying doses of LSD, showed chromosome breaks similar to the adults. One child still exhibits chormosome breakage in 190f peripheral leukocytes three years after exposure.
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