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Sankar DVS, Rozsa PW, Geisler A. 
“Chromosome Breakage in Children Treated with LSD-25 and UML-491”. 
Comprehens. Psychiat.. 1969;10:406-410.
THE PROBLEM OF CHROMOSOMAL DAMAGE reportedly found in humans using LSD-25 has attracted considerable research attention. Thus, Cohen e al. and Irwin and Egozcoe have found increased occurrence of chromosomal breakage in humans exposed to LSD-25 have reported several breaks, gaps, and unidentifiable fragments in the meiotic chromosomes of mice treated with LSD-25.s, However, several other workers could not find any increased incidence of chromosomal damage in human treated with LSD-25.3 70 Although many workers did not have an opportunity to study the incidence of abnormalities in the chromosomes of subjects before the administration of LSD-25, Abuzzahal' et al. and Taylor et al. have studied human leucocyte mitotic chromosomes both before and after administration of LSD-25 to the same group of subjects. These workers could not correlate effects of LSD-25 with human chromosomal breakage. The question of the effect of LSD-25 is an extremely important one, not only because of the psychopharmacological effects of LSD-25, but also because of the possibilty that many drugs may act on chromosomes, with resultant effects on the genetic information, both in humans and animals, during extended periods of drug administration, as is the case in psychiatric patients. The present paper summarizes our findings of chromosomal breakage in psychiatric patients of the Children's Unit.
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