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Muggler-Bickel J, Maag F. 
“Drogen und FŸhrertauglichkeit”. 
Schweiz Rundschau Med (Praxis). 1981;70:397-407.
200 users of Cannabis, LSD, opiates, stimulants or a combination of these drugs were examined at the Institute of Forensic Medicine of the University of Zurich. In addition to the medical examination the driving records and the number of kilometers driven were compared with a control group of persons of equal age and sex. The medical examination revealed a high incidence of hepatitis amongst users of hard drugs; polytoxicomaniacs frequently used in addition other drugs and alcohol. Socially, only few had had a higher education and a high percentage had broken off their apprenticeship. Whereas the number of kilometers driven anually was approximately equal in the drug users group and the control group, users of soft and hard drugs had a 3-4 fold number of traffic violations and accidents and a 10-fold number of other offenses. A direct connection between intake of the drug and offense could only be established in few cases. Since drug users have a high rate of offenses before beginning and after dicontinuance of drug abusage, we conclude that these offenses are at least in part due to character disorders which, in their turn, form the underlying basis for becoming addicted to drugs.
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