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Kiechel JR. 
“Pharmacocinétique et Métabolisme des Dérives de l'Ergot”. 
J. Pharmacol. 1979;10(4):533-565.
1. The ergot alkaloids and related compounds form, from a biological pharmaceutical point of view a diverse class presenting particular difficulties in analytical respect. 2. The only investigation technique, especially considering the peptide ergot alkaloids, was by using radioactive labelled drug substance. Radioimmunological methods have recently been developed. 3. The absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion of a number of compounds of the following chemical classes have been studied: the ergolenes, the lysergic acid derivatives, the hydrogenated and non-hydrogenated peptide ergto alkaloids. The ergolenes present a high absolute bioavailability and are excreted mainly with urine. The lysergic acid derivatives demonstrate an intermediary character between this previous class and the peptide ergot alkaloids which reveal the lowest bioavailability and are excreted mainly with bile. 4. These properties of the peptide ergot alkaloids make the study of the bioavailability of different dosage forms particularly important, as it can be demonstrated in a few examples 5. The ergolenes and the derivatives of lysergic acid are metabolized mainly on the ergoline moiety. However for the peptide ergot alkaloids the biotransformation occurs almost exclusively on the "proline" fragment of the peptide moiety. 6. New techniques like high pressure liquid chromatography on reverse phase material and the radioimmunological methods have increased considerably our knowledge of the peptide ergot alkaloids.
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