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Stoney DA, Thornton JI. 
“Solvent-Dependent Photolysis for Identification of Lysergic Acid Diethylamide and Other Indolamines”. 
Anal.Chem.. 1979;51(8):1341-43.
The photolysis of LSD and related indoles was investigated as part of a study on the quantitative determination of LSD. Samples of LSD, indole, dimethyltryptamine, lysergic acid, ergonovine and ergotamine were irradiated in CHC13 or MeOH by a UV Quartz lamp at 2537 Angstroms. The quantity of UV energy emitted was determined by ferrioxalate actinometry, by a literature method. After irradiation the mixtures were spotted onto silica gel G plates and developed with CHCl3/MeOH. Spots were visualized by UV and spraying with a solution of p-dimethylaminobenzaldehyde in HCl/EtOH. Prolonged irradiation reduced the number of products. No details of products are given.
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