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Sachanska T, Haralanov H, Boaidgieva M, Koicheva V, Genova, Pektova K, Todorov V, Shmarov A. 
“Complex Clinical, Biochemical and Electrophysiological Investigations After The Application Of LSD-25”. 
Toxicol.. 1980;? (Spec., 1):60.
The influence of LSD-25 on the organism is studied. Clinical symptomathy, changes of some biochemical indexes in the blood and serum (serotonine, histamine, cholinesterase, GOT, GPT, LDH, basic phsphatase, phosphokinase, creatinine, total protein, protein fractions, BUN, uric acid, bilirubin, glucose, cholesterine, calcium, inorganic phosphorous, potassium, sodium) and dynamics of the changes of the excretion of electrolytes and catecholeamines with the urine are followed up. Changes in the biogenic amines, enzyme activity and excretion of electrolytes and catecholeamines are found out after the application of LSD25. Special attention is paid on the investigation of the visual and auditory-vestibular system-- including the auditory cortex and stem evolked potentials, anomaloskopie, the greatness of the pupils and their reactions, perception for space and time, equilibrium functions, etc. Interesting changes are found after the application of the psychological test "Minisota." Correlation between the different indexes could be found out through complex investigations.
Notes # : Lett.
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