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Natale M, Dahlberg CC, Jaffe J. 
“Effect of Psychotomimetics (LSD and Dextroamphetamine) on the Use of Primary- and Secondary-Process Language”. 
Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology. 1978;46(2):352-353.
The present study sought to determine the effect of psychotomimetics (LSD and dextroamphetamine) on primary-process and secondary-process language. Five- minute monologues were recorded for four psychoanalytic patients in LSD, dextroamphetamine, and placebo conditions. An intensive research design was adopted, and each subject was treated as an individual experiment: (a) One patient manifested LSD-induced attenuation of secondary-process language, (b) one patient showed LSD-induced increase of primary-process language and an increase of secondary process language when dextroamphetamine was ingested. The present findings suggest that psychotomimetics do affect ego functioning as expressed in language but that the nature of the effect (inhibition or disinhibition) is not determined by the drug alone.
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