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Marshall DJ, Petersen BA, Vouros P. 
“Some Considerations on Quantitative Methodology and Detection Limits in Organic Mass-Spectrometry”. 
Biomed. Mass Spectrometry. 1978;5(3):243-249.
Mass spectrometric sensitivity data for the compounds cholesterol, cholestane, DDT, decafluorotriphenylphosphine, morphine, LSD and methyl stearate bove been developed over 8 period of time and under a variety of conditions. This information is presented on both a relative and an absolute basis. With the exception of morphine, relative sensitivities were reproducible to within a Actor of three over a six month period. This reproducibility facilitates quantitation and a single standard can be used for calibration of organic compounds from various classes. Detection limits of 50 femtograms for LSD are realized for samples introduced via the direct inlet probe.
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