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Marsh A. 
“Visual Hallucinations During Hallucinogenic Experience and Schizophrenia”. 
Schizophr. Bull.. 1979;5(4):627-630.
The visual hallucinations experienced by a 26-year-old woman under the influence of hallucinogens and during schizophrenia are described. Three types of hallucinations are delineated: (1) superimposed hallucinations, (2) spatial and depth distortions, and (3) animations. These three types of hallucinations appear to represent consecutive gradations on a continuum of the ego function of reality testing with superimposed hallucinations revealing the least and animations the greatest degree of disorientation. The findings of the present study indicate the need for a research design that compares the hallucinations of schizophrenics to the toxic hallucinations of nonschizophrenics. The phenomenology of visual hallucinations has been described in the literature (Jaspers 193; Kleinman, Gillin, and Wyatt 1977; Siegel and West 1975), and several authors (Kleinman, Gillin, and Wyatt 1977) have compared the phenomena as they occur under hallucinogenic drugs and during schizophrenia The present study is an attempt to shed new light on this comparison by reporting the experiences of a young woman who suffered a schizophrenic break at age 20, after having experimented with mescaline and LSD.
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