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Markˇ M, FlŘeckiger E. 
“Role of Serotonin in the Regulation of Ovulation. Evidence from Pharmacological Studies”. 
Neuroendocrinology. 1980;30(4):228-31.
The role of serotonin in the regulation of ovulation was studied. Female Wistar rats (200-250 g) were injected s.c. during proestrus with the test compound and 21 hr later they were killed. Male rats received the test compound s.c. 3 hr before 5-HT (200 mg/kg i.v.). The number of deaths occurring in the next 24 hr was recorded. For methiothepin (Roche), cyproheptadine (Merck-USA) pizatifen, Sandoz 26-921, and Sandoz 29-476, ED50 values for ovulation inhibition and 5-HT antagonism were qualitatively similar. Compound 29-476, which does not have a double bond between the piperidine ring and the tricyclic part of the molecule was very weakly active in both tests. Similar absolute potencies between 5-HT antagonism and ovulation inhibition were found with BOL 14E and methysergide, but for LSD 25, PTR-17-402 and metergoline (Farmitalia), the absolute activities differed. Ergopeptine derivatives studied were ergotamine, ergocornine, 2-bromo-ergocornine alpha-ergakryptine and 2-bromo-alpha-ergocryptine. Bromoderivatives had reduced ovulation inhibition and 5-HT antagonistic activities. For all compounds, there was a highly significant correlation between the 2 activities. However, no correlation could be found when 5-HT antagonism assessed in vitro on canine basila arteries was compared to the ovulation inhibitory activities of the compounds.
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