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Laubscher A, Pletscher A, Honegger CG. 
“Blood platelets as models for neurons: receptor- and nonreceptor-mediated membrane effects”. 
Experientia. 1980;36(6):710.
In human and rabbit platelets, the shape change reaction (transition from discoid to spheroid from) caused by 5-hydroxytryptamine (5HT) agonists showed stereoselectively and was specifically inhibited by 5HT-antagonists. Butanol (3%) which removes adhering plasma proteins from the cell membrane abolished this shape change. D-LSD a mixed 5HT agonist/antagonist showed saturable, high affinity binding to the platelet membrane. Various drugs, which counteracted the LSD- and 5HTinduced shape change also antagonized LSD-binding. Random coil basic proteins, e.g. myelin basic protein also caused a shape change reaction. This was enhanced after butanol treatment of the platelets and antagonized by the polyanion heparin though not by 5-HT -antagonists. In conclusion, 5HT-agonists and antagonists, in contrast to basic proteins probably influence platelet function by interfering with specific membrane receptors. Both types of shape change inducers have been reported to act on CNS neurons.
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