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Kenyon CN, Melera A. 
“Use of the Direct Liquid Inlet LC/MS System for the Analysis of Complex Mixtures of Biological Origin”. 
J.Chromatog.Sci.. 1980;18(3):103-04.
An HPLC-MS determination of LSD in urine is reported. A urine sample spiked with LSD was chromatographed on a RP-8 column with a mobile phase consisting of a linear gradient of 10-90 0n 5.5 min CH3CN in H2O. A selected ion monitoring trace was obtained using a flow switching technique at the direct liquid inlet-HPLC/MS interface. By using this technique, a large quantity of UV-absorbing materials were bypassed. The detection limit for LSD in urine was ca. 800 mcg in the selective-ion monitoring mode. The technique should be applicable to other complex mixtures of biological origin.
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