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Kemali M, Kemali D. 
“Lysergic Acid Diethylamide: Morphological Study of its Effect on Synapses”. 
Psychopharmacology. 1980;69(3):315-17.
The effect of LSD on synapses was analyzed morphometrically. Methods 3 Rana eaculenta male frogs weighing approximately 20 g were used. The animals were anesthetized with MS 222 (0.5 g in 1000 ml) and LSD (1 mg/kg in 0.25 ml H2O) was injected into a large blood vessel running over the lateral surface of the skull of 2 frogs. Their survival time was 2 hr. The 3 frogs were treated by the ethanol phoaphotungatic acid (EPTA) method for the selective staining of the synaptic membranes after being fixed in OaO4 so that the synaptic v-aiclea were also shown. The habenular nuclei and the interpeduncular nucleus were dissected out and horizontal CUtB made, starting directly under the pia, from the dorsal aide of the brain for the habenulae, and from the ventral aide for the interpeduncular nucleus. Identical areas were sampled in all animals. 10 Random pictures were taken at regular intervals along the cerebral structures investigated. The surface area of synaptic contacts in control and LSD-treated frogs was quantified. Results The surface synaptic density in LSD-treated frogs was 52 0gher in the habenular nuclei and 45 0gher in the interpeduncular nucleus than in the control. In LSD treated frogs, the density of synaptic vesicles in same terminals was low. This could be due to the type of fixation as in the control frog some synaptic terminals had a low density of vesicles. In LSD-treated frogs the vesicles were often aligned in rows which seemed to follow a preferential pathway towards the presynaptic membrane, onto which they closely adhered. In the control frog, in the same type of synaptic terminal, the vesicles were divided from the presynaptic membrane by well-defined dense projections, exocytosis profiles were observed only in LSD-treated frogs.
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