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Jasinski DR. 
“Interdisciplinary Studies on Phencyclidine at the Addiction Research Cente, Lexington, Kentucky.”. 
Psychopharmacol.Bull.. 1980;16(4):79-81.
A multidisciplinary approach to the study of phencyclidine, its derivatives and metabolites is reviewed. The most specific method for detecting phencyclidine (P) analogs is chemical ionization mass-spectrometry. Species differences in metabolism exist between the dog, rat, mouse and man but the primary metabolites are the 4-hydroxypiperidines and the 4-hydroxycyclohexyls, mainly in the conjugated forms. In vitro micromolar concentrations of P analogs are required to displace 3H-naloxone and clear orders of potency are obtained which are correlated with relative potencies for producing ataxia in mice. Clear orders of potency are also obtained for P analogs in displacing 3H-P. Cyclazocine and N-allylnormetazocine (SK+F 10,047) also displace specifically bound P. The ability to displace bound P is not correlated with ataxia production in mice. In chronic spinal dogs P produces a dose dependent depression of the flexor reflex, tachycardia, mydriasis, retraction of the nictitating membrane, increased latencies of skin twitch, and pupilloconstrictor reflexes, and hyperthermia. Behavior is further characterized by nystagmus, staring or tracking eye-movements, stereotypic head movements, salivation and opistotonic posturing. This drug profile resembles that produced by N-allylnormetazacine. Self administration studies of P and ketamine show that ketamine is 1/l5th as potent as P with regard to maintaining equal rates of drugreinforced responding. The l-phenylcyclohexyl-monoalkylamines are amongst the most potent P analogs for producing ataxia in mice, the carbonitrile compounds have the lowest LD -o values. Rats trained to discriminate between saline and P identified the 4-hydroxypiperidine metabolite and all the analogs identified as street drugs, as being P like. The carbonitrile precursors, the 4-hydroxycyclohexyl metabolite, amphetamine, morphine, LSD, ketocyclazocine and pentazacine were not identified as being P like. Rats did generalize between P and the psychotomimetic opioid derivatives cyclazocine and N-allylnormetazocine.
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