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Horowski R, Wachtel H. 
“Pharmacological Effects Of Lisuride In Rodents Mediated By Dopaminergic Receptors: Mechanism Of Action And Influence Of Chronic Treatment With Lisuride”. 
Dopaminergic Ergot Derivatives and Motor Function. 1979 ;;31:237-251.
Lisuride (lisuride hydrogen maleote, Lysenyl, mesorgydine; chemical structure see Fig. 1) has been synthesized by Zion and .Semonsky as a semisynthetic ergot derivative of the isolysergic acid type (ref. 1). This compound has been found to be a potent antagonist of the peripheral effects of serotonin with a similar activity as d-LSD (ref. 2) and was therefore used in the prevention of migraine attacks at a daily dose of 3 x 25 mcg p.o. (ref. 2, 3). In a subsequent EEG study, an EEG pattern with some similarities to the effects seen after treatment with psychostimulants was observed at doses from 25 - 100 mcg (ref. 3). In animal studies, observation of stereotyped behaviour, hypothermia, and antagonism of reserpineinduced symptoms in mice, as well as a strong prolactin-lowering effect in rats, led to the hypothesis of a high dopaminergic activity of lisuride (ref. 5, 6, 7). In the meantime, many pharmacological effects of lisuride have been described which are in agreement with this hypothesis (Table 1.).
Notes # : Proceedings of International Symposium, Wenner Gren Center, Stockholm, July 24-25, 1978. Publ: Fuxe K, Calne DB International Symposium Series
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