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Fink H, Oelssner W. 
“Die Wirkung van Psychotomimetika und Haloperidol auf das Kopfzucken nach Alkoholentzug bet Mäusen”. 
Acta biol. med. germ.. 1978;37:1311-1315.
After ethanol withdrawal dependent mice exhibited head twitching. The frequency of head-twitches was decreased by LSD and mescaline in a dose-dependent manner and increased by small doses of haloperidol and physostigmine. LSD antagonized the potentiating effects of haloperidol and physostigmine. The incidence of head-twitches after intracerebral injections of 5-HT in naive mice was lessened by LSD. The involvement of dopaminergic, serotoninergic, and cholinergic transmission systems in the action of psychotominetics is discussed.
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