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Carr DM. 
“Cytological and Cytogenetical Effect of Hallucinogenic Drugs on Virally Induced Murine Erythroleukemia”. 
Dissertation Abstr.Intern.B. 1978;38,(12, Part I):5705.
The in vivo effects of hallucinogenic drugs (LSD and mescaline) on the mitotic and meiotic chromosomes of normal and virally induced erythroleukemic (RLV-A disease) BALB/c mice was studied. LSD-25 and mescaline p.o. independently worsened the disease when fed to preleukemic (RLV-A) BALB/c mice. The smallest LSD dose (0.5 mcg/kg) and mescaline dose (2.5 mg/kg) were the most effective whereas the largest doses were the least effective. Pretreatment with the hallucinogens did not disturb the normal progression of the disease. The animals became preleukemic at 2-3 mths after inoculation with viremic plasma and manifested hepatosplenomegaly and terminal anemia. At midstage, the larger doses of LSD (1.0, 2.0 mcg/kg) and mescaline (5.0 mg/kg) resulted in a high 0f mortality by day-21. In terminal mice, all 3 dosages of both hallucinogens were toxic. Centrilobular lipid accumulation was observed in livers of normal BALB/c mice treated with 1.0 )lg/kg LSD for 5 wk. or 2.0 mcg/kg/wk for up to 5 wk. Mitotic chromosomal aberrations including aneuploids, polyploids, chromatic breaks, achromaticlesions, metacentrics and "chromocenters" were observed at a significant level when žALB/c mice were fed p.o. with LSD. Spontaneous occurrences of metacentric chromosomes formed by two acrocentric/telocentric chromosomes and "Chromocenters" were observed for the first time in somatic cells and in normal BALB/c mice. The observation of increased aneuploids, X-Y univalents and autosomal univalents in meiotic preparations were significant when compared to control values. There was a tendency for increased "chromocenters" in early prophase I of meiosis in LSD-treated mice. Very few môtotic and meiotic figures were observed when normal BALB/c mice were treated with mescaline. In RLV-A treated BALB/c mice, achromatic lesions and chromatic breaks increased with the progression of the disease. Increased aneuploids in the preleukemic state, aneuploids and chromatic breaks in the midstage were statistically significant. Loop-like configurations were observed in the pachytene stages of the preleukemic mice. Very few mitotic and meiotic figures were observed in both LSD and mescaline pretreated and posttreated RLV -
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