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Vigouret JM, Jaton AL, Loew DM. 
“Possible Involvement Of Serotoninergic Mechanisms In The Induction Of Turning By LSD-25 In The Rat”. 
Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's Arch. Pharmacol.. 1976;293(Suppl.):R10.
LSD-25 (0.05 - 1 mg/kg i.p.) elicits dose related contralateral turning in rats with unilaterally degenerated nigrostriatal pathways following local injection of 6-OHDA into the substantia nigra. This observation confirms the results of Pieri et al (Nature 252, 586, 1974) in a similar test model and suggests a central dopaminergic stimulant action of LSD-25. However, administration of pimozide (1 mg/kg i.p., 1 hr previously) only partially reduced the number of turns induced by LSD-25 from 526+72 to 362+78. Methiothepin pretreatment (1 mg/kg i.p., 30 minutes previously) blocked turning induced by 0.2 mg/kg i. p. LSD-25. Contralateral turning after bromocriptine (1 mg/kg s.c.) was suppressed by pimozide or methiothepin pretreatment. The total rotational response elicited by apomorphine (0.25 mg/kg s. c.) was reduced from 589+66 to 513+43 by pimozide, and from 616+69 to 234+101 by methiothepin pretreatment. These results indicate that a dopaminergic antagonist only partially blocks turning induced by LSD-25 or apomorphine, whereas the effect of bromocriptine is totally antagonized. The observation that pretreatment with the serotoninergic antagonist methiothepin blocks the effect of LSD-25 suggests that turning induced by LSD-25 depends also on serotoninergic mechanisms.
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