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Shoichet R. 
“Emergency Treatment Of Acute Adverse Reactions To Hallucinogenic Drugs”. 
Acute drug abuse emergencies. A treatment manual. 1976;p145-150.
1. Introduction II. The Hallucinogenic Drugs III.. The Adverse Reaction IV. Management A. Diagnosis B. Concurrent Medical Complications C. Hospitalization D. Psychotherapy E. Chemotherapy V. Prognosis and Conclusion Experimentation with various chemical substances has become a common activity in our society. As a result, the acute adverse reaction to hallucinogenic drugs is a common phenomenon in the emergency rooms of our general and psychiatric hospitals. Although the experimentation is most common in the adolescent and postadolescent age groups, it is no longer confined to any age or class of society, and all physicians should be familiar with diagnosis and treatment. In spite of some minor differences of opinion regarding the proper treatment of adverse drug reactions, there remains a general conscusus regarding safe management which will be outlined in this article.
Notes # : International Edition
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