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Sallam LAR, Naim N, El Refai AH. 
“Thin Chromatography of Some Ergot Alkaloids”. 
Z.Anal. Chem.. 1977;284(1):47-48.
A TLC separation of various ergot alkaloids is reported. Analysis was carried out on silica gel D, aluminum oxide G and silica gel absorbents using solvent systems CHCl3/C6H6/EtOH, CHCl3/MeOH or CHCl3/MeOH/HOAc. Fluorescent alkaloids were detected under 254 n.mO, whilst p-dimethylaminobenzaldebyde in H2SO4 was used to locate spots. Alkaloids of each group were separated from each other and other groups. Clavine group 1. Agroclavine ED/HR 2. Elymoclavine 3. Chanoclavine Simple lysergic acid amide group 4. Ergomcirine 5. Ergometrinine Ergotamine group 6. Ergotamine 7. Ergotaninine 8. Ergosine 9. Ergosinine Ergotoxine group 10. Ergocryptine 11. Ergocryptinine 12. Ergocornine 13. Ergoconinine 14. Ergocrystinc 15. Ergocrystinine 16. Lysergic acid
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