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Rorke CV, Harris HA, Catalano T, Dugar SM, Masoud AN, Nittskoff DJ. 
“Spot Tests Used for Systematic Identificalion of Drugs of Abuse: A Response”. 
J.Pharm.Sci.. 1976;65(5):774-76.
2 Groups of Authors have commmicated their experiences regarding spot tests for identification of drugs of abuse. The tests discussed in these communications are the detection of LSD by various tests including the Ehrlich reagent, reactions of heroin, morphine, procaine and metllylphenidate with the Mayer, Dragandorff anti Wagner reagents, color reactions given with the Marquis reagent by some nonopiates (e g. amphetamines, meperidine), the cobalt thiocyanate reagent and color reactions with particular regard to cocaine, and Zwikker's test for glutethimide. Some reasons for variable results with these tests are given and the Authors express their opinions with regard to the validity of such tests as legal evidence.
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