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Paul SM, Halaris AE. 
“Rat Brain De-Acetylating Activity: Stereospecific Inhibition by LSD and Serotonin-Related Compounds”. 
Biochem.Biophys.Res.Commun.. 1976;70(1):207-11.
Inhibition of rat brain deacetylase by LSD and serotoninrelated compounds was studied. Aryl acylamidase (AAA; EC 3.5.i.13) was prepared from rat brain or liver. The effects of 10 4 M of various tryptamine derivatives or. its activity were determined. Only pharmacologically active tryptamine derivatives inhibited brain AAA activity in vitro. Percentage inhibitions were as follows:- d-LSD 80, serotonin 72, 2-bromo-LSD 70, methysergide 68, bufotenine 20, 5-methoxytryptamine 20, N,N,dimethyltryptamine i0 and tryptamine < 5%. i-LSD, N-acetylserotonin, melatonin, some p-phenylethylamine derivatives and structurally unrelated antagonists cyproheptadine and methiothepin had no effect on AAA activity. The indoleamine derivatives tested had no inhibitory effect on liver AAA. Conclusions Enzyme activity is stereospecifically inhibited by LSD. Brain AAA could be used to study LSD-serotonin-receptor interactions in vitro.
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