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Niwaguchi T, Nakahara Y, Ishii H. 
“Studies on Lysergic Acid Diethylamide and Related Compounds. IV. Syntheses of Various Amide Derivatives of Norlysergic Acid and Related Compounds.”. 
J.Pharm.Soc.Japan. 1976;96(5):673-78.
The synthesis of norlysergamides (26-33) by reaction of lysergamides (4) (LSD) and (10-16) with cyanogen bromide to (18-15) and subsequent hydrolysis with HCl-dioxane is reported. Nor-LSD (26) was converted to its N6-allyl, -ethyl and -propyl - derivatives by reaction with allyl bromide, EtI or PrBr in the presence of NaH. UV and NMR data are given. Compounds (34-36) were prepared for pharmacological studies and the others in connection with the study of microbiological transformations.
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