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Morvay J, Toth D. 
“Radioimmune-analytical assay of drugs”. 
Gyogyszerészet. 1977;21(4):131-37.
Radioimmunoassay (RIA) of certain drugs was studied. Amphetamine (A), vitamin Bit, digocin, digitocin, ethinylestradiol, phenobarbital in 10-9 g/ml and LSD, morphine and MCGF2a in 10-2 g/m1 and insulin in mcU/ml concentration were determined. A In both plasma and urine can be determined. A constant amount of 3H labeled A and rabbit anti-A-antiserum were added to the plasma or urine samples and after 30 min incubation the complex formed in the immunoreaction was precipitated by adding (NH4)2SO4. After centrifugation, the supernatant was subjected to liquid scintillation, and the scintillation results were evaluated for A by using a calibration curve. Interference with me/amphetamine may occur. In the case of phenobarbital, a 20 hr incubation period was necessary, otherwise the procedure was the same. Digoxin, digotoxin, ethinylestradiol, LSD, morphine and MCGF2a can be determined similarly to A, but instead of (NH)2SO4, charcoal covered by dextran was added. 10-120 Min incubation time was necessary. In the case of digitocin, interference with spironolactone, prednisolone, digoxin, bilirubin and hemoglobin and in the case of morphine, interference with codeine, were found. For insulin, a double antibody technique was used and samples were labeled with 12 I. In the case of B12 instead of antiserum intrinsic factor was used and the samples were labeled by 57 Co. Before incubation 0.23-0.27 N aqueous HC1 was added to the samples. Interference with heparin was found.
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