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Messier PE, Mathieu O, Bellemare M. 
“The Effect of LSD on the Histology and Ultrastructure of the Neuroepithelium of Young Chick Embryos: a Stereological Study”. 
Toxicology. 1976;6(3):357-70.
The effect of LSD on the neuroepithelium of young chick embryos was studied by light and electron microscopy. Methods Chicken embryos at stage 8+ of development were explanted and incubated with and without LSD (2.5, 12.5 and 50 mcg/ml) until stage 10 was reached, after which histological specimens were prepared for microscopy. Light microscopy showed that with LSD (12.5 or 50 mcg/ml) the section area of the neural tube increased and the volume fraction of the intercellular spaces decreased. In the neural tube, LSD had no effect on the volume fraction of the nuclei but caused the volume fraction of the cytoplasm to increase so that the nucleo/cytoplasmic volume ratio decreased. Electron microscopy showed that LSD (12.5 or 50 mcg/ml) caused the volume fraction of mitochondria in the cytoplasm to decrease, and the mitochondrial surface/volume was unchanged by LSD. The surface density of the endoplasmic reticulum in the cytoplasm was increased by the lowest dose of LSD only.
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