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Martin WR, Thompson JA, Nozaki M. 
“Physiologic Evidence for Descending Tryptaminergic Pathways in the Spinal Cord”. 
Life Sci.. 1976;19(9):1383-86.
The presence of descending spinal tryptaminergic pathways in he dog was investigated. Methods The spinal cords of beagle dogs were transected at the T-10 level. After 2-5 days and 3 wk. flexor reflexes were obtained by squeezing toes on the hind feet with a force of 60-120 lb/in2 a' intervals of 5 min for 90 min. At the beginning of each experiment l-tryprophan (150 mg/kg, i.v.) or LSD (15 mcg/kg, i.v.) were infused Results The amplitude of the flexor reflex was greater in chronic than in acute spinal dogs. Tryptophan enhanced the flexor response in acute spinal dogs for 40 min but had no effect in chronic spinal dogs. LSD potentiated the flexor response to a much greater extent in chronic spinal dogs than in acute spinal dogs. Conclusion Descending faciliatory pathways appear to exist in the dog spinal cord.
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