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Maayani S, Green JP, Weinstein H. 
“LSD, Tricyclic Antidepressants And Neuroleptics Inhibit Histamine Stimulated Adenylate Cyclase In Brain”. 
Federation Proceedings. 1978;37(3):612.
Three different classes of psychotropic drugs blocked the histamine Hz-receptor linked to adenylate cyclise in homogen ates of guinea pig hippocampus and cerebral cortex D-LSC:and 2-bromo-LSD were competitive inhibitors with pA2 values of 5.95 and 7.15, respectively. The PA2 value of cimetidine the H2-antagonfst in clinical use, was 6.22. L-LSD did not block the Hz-receptor. Tricyctic antidepressant drugs also blocked the histamine stimulated adenylate cyclase In competitive manner; they did not inhibit act1vatlon of adenylate cyclese by fluoride or GppNHp. The drugs and their PA2 values were amitriptyllne (7.35), doxapin (6.8), chlorimipramine (6 7) imipramine (6.6), nortriptyllne (6.1). desipramine (5.9), dibenzapine (5.8), protriptyline (5.7), iprindol (5.5), Pheno azines, too, competitively blocked the histamine-stimulated adenylate cyclase. The drugs and their pan values were chlor prothixene (7.2), chlorpromazine (6.7), thiethylperazine (6,6), -fluphenthixol. (6.6) fluphenazine , (6.3) and -flu - phenthixol (5.5). The PA2 values of six Hz-antagonists on histamine stimulated adenylate cyclase in brain were very similar to the PA2 values for the pharmacological effects of histsmine on the H2-receptor in rat uterus and guinea pig atria. The same PA2 values were obtained with dimaprit of histamine as agonist. (Supported by NIGH Grant MH 174B9 and NIDA Grant DA 01875. )
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