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Lurie I. 
“Application of Reverse Phase Ion-Pair Partition Chromatography to Drugs of Forensic Interest”. 
J.Assoc.Offic.Analyt.Chem.. 1977;60(5):1035-40.
A reverse phase ion pair partition HPLC method for determination of a wide range of abused drugs is described. The groups of drugs listed below were dissolved in MeOH (except for opium and LSD), filtered if necessary and aliquots injected into a microBondapak C18 column. A UV detector at 254 nm was used. The method was used for separation and determination of ergot alkaloids, opium alkaloids, local anesthetics, barbiturates and other drugs of forensic interest. 5 Fig. 5 Tab. 18 Ref. EK/HR Acetaminophen Pemoline Antipyrine Thoophylline Procaine Phenyipropanolamine Benzacaine Ephedrine Cocaine Phenmetrazne Methaqualone Amphetamine Mecloqualone Phendimetrazine Methamphetamine Tetracane Phenterminc Strychnine Methylphenidate Thonzylamine DiphenLydramine Phenobarbital Rutabarbital Amobarbital Lysergic acid Pentobarbital Ergonovine Secobarbital Lysergic acid amide Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) Thiophene analog of phencyclidine n-Methyl propyl amide Phencyclidine Isolysergic acid diethylamide Ergotamine Morphine Codeine Monoacetylmorphine Procaine Acetylprocaine Acetylcodeine Heroin Thebaine Narcotize Quinidine Methapyrilene Papaverine Quinine
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