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Levi S, Reisfeld R. 
“Ultramcrodetermination of Cholesterol, Testosterone and LSD by Fluorescence Measurements of TLC Spots”. 
Analyt. Chim. Acta. 1978;97(2):343-47.
The ultramicrodetermination of cholesterol testosterone and LSD by fluorescence measurements of TLC spots is reported. Cholesterol, testosterone and LSD were spotted Onto TLC plates made up with alumina and silica. The plates were then heated in an atmosphere of ammonia (obtained from ammonium hydrogen carbonate). The fluorescence of the derivatives was measured. The wavelength of excitation Was 405 nm; emission Was at 470 nm. A theoretical treatment of fluorescent densitometry of thin layer chromatograms is outlined. The detection limits were 5 ng for testosterone 25 ng for LSD and 5 ng for cholesterol. It was stated that oleic acid, methyl oleate, inolein, 3-sitosterol, stigmasterol, lactose and phenylalanine also produce fluorescent products under these conditions.
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