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Kraus L, Stahl E, Thies W, Arnold W. 
“Dünnschichtchromatographie von illegalen LSD-Präparaten und die Möglichkeit einer Direktauswertung im Nanogrammbereich.”. 
Schweiz. Apoth.-Ztg. 1977;115(21):577.
A method for the determination of lysergic acid derivatives, including LSD, in illicit preparations is described. The drugs were extracted from their dispensation forms (felt, blotting paper, cigarette paper, sugar by means of a micro column and then separated on nano-TLC-plates using a neutral solvent system consisting of methanol and chloroform. Quantitation was achieved by direct scanning at 410 nm. Detection limit for LSD was 1 ng and standard deviation in the range 5-10 ng was 2-4%. The method was applied to 100 different "felt trips" of a confiscated batch. The method was considered to be particularly useful for legal-medicinal examinations.
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