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Hofmann A. 
“The Discovery of LSD and Subsequent Investigations of Related Magic Drugs of Mexico”. 
Lloydia. 1975;38(6):532.
The framework of investigations on the alkaloids of ergot in which the discovery of LSD took place was briefly described. The hallucinogenic effects, similar to LSD, of certain magic plants of Mexico were the reason that these plants were submitted to chemical and pharmacological analysis in the same laboratories where LSD had been discovered. Fram one of these magic plants, the hallucinogenic mushroom "teonanacatl", botanically identified as Psilocybe mexicana Heim and related species, two active principles were isolated; these were named psilocybin and psilocin. These are indolic compounds which show some chemical features which are also characteristic of LSD. In the other magic plant ̉ololiqui", lysergic acid amides, very closely related to LSD, were found to be the active principles. Ololiqui is the Aztec name for the seeds of Rivea corymobosa (L.) Hall.f. and of Ipomoea Yiolacea L.
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