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Heikkila J, Holbrook L, Brown I. 
“Stress-Accentuation of the LSD-Induced Disaggregation of Brain Polysomes”. 
Life Sci.. 1978;22(9):757-66.
The effects of stress on LSD-induced disaggregation of brain polysomes were investigated. Methods Young male rabbits (1.2-1.6 kg) were given an i.v. injection of LSD (Sandoz) either alone or in conjunction with stress, i.e. restraint and handling, food deprivation for 24 hr or the injection of 25 mcg/kg epinephrine bitartrate (Sigma-Chem). After sacrifice their brains were removed for polysomal isolation and analysis. Stress increased the conversion of brain polysomes to monosomes that followed the administration of LSD. The 40-60 0ncrease in the monosomes following 25 mcg/kg LSD rose by 150-165% when the rabbits were also subjected to restraint and by 100-120% with food deprivation or epinephrine. Neither stress alone nor 2-bromo-LSD (200 mcg/kg) caused any significant shift from polysomes to monosomes. 1 mcg/kg LSD had no effect on the brain polysomes when given alone but caused a 100-125 0ncrease in monosomes when combined with restraint. Plasma corticosteroids showed a 3-fold increase after 50-100 mcg/kg LSD but were not affected by 25 mcg/kg unless followed by a stress procedure, when they rose 2 to 3-fold. Restraint without LSD did not affect plasma corticosteroid levels.
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