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Healy JM. 
“Psychomimetic substances during pregnancy and sex of offspring mice. ”. 
Psychopharmacology Abstracts. 1976;13(3):228.
The effects of the presence of psychotomimetic substances and symptoms of schizophrenia during pregnancy on the sex of the offspring were examined in mice in an attempt to replicate findings with human beings. It is assumed that a relationship exists which links autoimmune responses and failure of fibrinoid homeostasis to schizophrenia, pregnancy complications, psychotic symptoms following LSD ingestion, and silent abortion of males in early pregnancy. Following a review of the literature, mice were injected subcutaneously on the fifth day of pregnancy with saline, normal leukocytes, normal plasma, schizophrenic leukocytes, schizophrenic plasma, or LSD. A total lack of statistical significance of the data seemed to indicate that the absolute nature of the human findings" which suggest that no males are born of conceptions which take place within one month of onset of acute schizophrenic symptoms in the mother, and only females are born when LSD is taken during the first month of pregnancy, may be specific to humans. Suggestions for future research include use of other experimental animals, as well as different dosages, timing, and combinations of psychotomimetic substances. Studies of schizophrenia in humans might yield more consistent results if conducted during the first month following onset of symptoms. (Journal abstract modified)
Notes # : Ph.D. dissertation
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