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Gessner PR, Dankova JR. 
“The Role Of Serotonin Antagonism In The Tremorgenic Action Of Bufotenine In Mice”. 
Fed. Proc.. 1977;36(3):352.
Previous work from this laboratory (Pharmacologist 17: 259 1975) showed a high correlation between brain bufotenine (Bu) levels and tremorgenic activity 60-120 sec post iv administration to mice of acetyl bufutenine (AcRu). Tremorgenic activity is also seen in mice following LSD, dimethyltryptamine and 5methoxy-N,N-dimethyltryptamine. To investigate the role of serotonin (5HT) in the tremorgenic effect of Bu, 15 pmolea/kg AcBu was administered to mice injected 72, 4B and 24 hrs prior with 100mg/kg p-chlorophenylalanine (pCPA). Tremorgenic activity was determined balliatographically in the period 30-120 sec poet AcBu administration. pCPA pretreatment lead to A signigicant (P< 0. 01) enhancement of the observed tremor. Converaly pretreatment 1 hr prior with doses of 10, 30 or 100mg/kg 2-5-hydroxytryptophan significantly (Pc0.001) attenuated Bu tremor. These results are congruent with the tremorgenic effect of Bu being mediated by an antagonism of 5HT. 2-Dihydroxyphenylalanine (DOPA) blocks the tremorgenic effects of LSD and 5methoxy-N,N-dimethyltryptamine. Bu tremor was significantly attenuated by administration of 200 or 400 mg/kg DOPA 7.5-60 but maximally 15 min prior. Assay of brain 5HT Showed the DOPA induced decline in 5HT levels to closely follow the time course of The DOPA induced attenuation of Bu tremor and suggests the attenuation could be mediated through displacement of 5HT by the dopamine formed from DOPA.
Notes # : Abs. No. 436
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