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Fanciollacci M, Franchi G, Sicuteri F. 
“Hypersensitivity to Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD-25) and Psilocybin in Essential Headache”. 
Experientia. 1974;30(12):1441-43.
Hypersensitivity to LSD-25 and Psilocybin (P) in migraine was studied. Methods 30 Normal subjects (18 women, 25-60 yr) and 72 essential headache (EH) sufferers (44 women, 22-62 yr) took LSD-25 (250 ng/kg), P (20 mcg/kg) or placebo every 3 days at 0900 hr on a random schedule

Placebo did not cause any psychic reactions. In normal subjects LSD-25 caused no reaction (0) in 73% and simple psycho-affective disorders (1) in 27%. In EH sufferers LSD-25 0-reactions occurred in 25%, 1 -reaction - in 57% and psycho-affective reactions with hallucinations (2) in 18%. In 3 patients the hallucinations were severe and the reaction was stopped with chlorpromazine (25 mg, p.o) P gave O-reactions in 86% and 1-reactions in 14%. In EH O- and 1 reactions were recorded in 41% and 2-reactions in 18%.

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