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Chekman IS, Potemkina NN, Tumanov VA. 
“Nicotinamide Coenzymes as the Object of Action of Medicines and poisons”. 
Farmakol.Toksikol.. 1977;40(1):113-22.
Metabolism of nicotinamide coenzymes and the effect upon it of various medicinal preparations and poisons are reviewed. Formation and roles of NAD and NADP are discussed, and changes in their content in various clinical conditions reviewed. - In normally functioning cells, NAD is in the oxidized and NADP in the reduced form. In pathological conditions, there is a wide range in content of nicotinamide coenzymes, depending on the condition. Nicotinamide has the general effect of elevating content of NAD and NADP, analogously with cordiamine, there being reduced activity of NADase in tissues of the brain and skeletal muscle. Among cardio-vascular substances, strophantin and convallatoxin increase the quantity of reduced forms of nicotinamide coenzymes, convallatoxin increasing also the total of oxidized and reduced forms of NAD and NADP. In conditions of cardiac insufficiency, convallatoxin produces some tendency towards normalization of content of nicotinamide coenzymes. Papaverin and other substances of the isoquinoline series inhibit the reaction of electron transfer between NAD and cytochrome B. Caffeine tends to reduce the NAD + NADP total. Clofibrate inhibits NAD.H-dependent oxidation. The Authors have found that reserpine increases content of oxidized forms and total nicotinamide coenzymes 2 and 4 hr after administration. Octadin has the same effect, while Anaprilin and phentolamine increase the total of oxidized and reduced forms. Adrenalin increases content of both oxidized and reduced forms of coenzymes, but significant increase in dosage leads to a fall in the content of oxidized forms, Large doses of noradrenaline have the same effect. Serotonin also increases NAD content, while elenium and relanium are ineffective, and small doses of aminazne reduce coenzyme content. LSD increases NAD content of blood. Action of immunodepressants and anticoagulants on nicotinamide coenzyme content is also reviewed, as is the effect of poisons, diminution of NAD content under the effect of small doses of alcohol, and diminution of both NAD and NADP under the influence of large doses being particularly mentioned
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