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Carter R B. Appel J B. 
“LSD and 5-HTP: Tolerance and Cross-Tolerance Relationships.”. 
Eur.J.Pharmacol.. 1978;50(2):145-48.
Tolerance and cross-tolerance to LSD and 5-hydroxytryptophan (HT) in the rat were studied. Methods Water-deprived rats were taught a bar-pressing response to obtain water. They were then given a single dose of 0.13 mg/kg LSD or 50 mg/kg HT (challenge drug) i.p., then saline daily for 5 days, and test drug (LSD, HT, or vehicle) for 9 days. A single dose of the challenge drug was repeated on the following day. On the first day of the tolerance regimen, HT reduced barpressing to 210f control, but by day 9 responding had returned to 82%. Responding was markedly reduced by LSD in naive but not in HT-tolerant rats. On day 1 of LSD tolerance regimen responding was 150f control and on day 9 had risen to 76%. There was no significant difference between levels of responding to naive and LSD-tolerant rats in response to HT.
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