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Bron B, Fröscher W, Gehlen W. 
“Analyse chronischer psychotischer Zustandsbilder bei jugendlichen Drogenkonsumenten”. 
Fortschr. Neurol. Psychiat.. 1977;45:53-75.
60 young drug-addicts with prolonged psychotic states have been examined. Taking account of the family situatJon and psychosocial development, of typical timing and drug-specific factors the psychopathologic picture is described as to ’ts course and the multiple effects of drugs. An existing psychosis may be the motive for drug-taking in special ways. On the other hand there is with many patients a coincidence in time between drug addiction and manifestation of the psychosis. Psychoses independent from drugs i.e. running their own specific course, are seen remarkably often. They cannot be distinguished phenomenologically from endogenous psychoses and end up quite often in a number of defects.
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