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Brandrup E, Vanggaard T. 
“LSD treatment in a severe case of compulsive neurosis”. 
Acta psychiat. Scand.. 1977;55:127-141.
A detailed account is given of the course and outcome of the treatment with LSD of an incapacitating compulsive-neurotic condition in a 30-year-old male. The treatment tool: place over 1.5 years from the autumn of 1962, and the patient, who has been followed since then, is completely cured symptomatically. In addition, a fortunate change in his general personality has taken place. The events during the LSD sessions revealed the basic elements of a development of his personality since early childhood, particularly the toilet-training period, which resulted in a typical compulsive and character neurosis. In turn, this character neurosis became the matrix for the outbreak of his manifest neurotic compulsions which began 4 years before the onset of treatment. The material which emerged was in complete accordance with Freudian theory. No interpretations were given. While under the action of the drug the patient was left alone except for brief visits by the doctor or the nurse. He was free to call them if his anxiety became too strong for him to cope with alone. Besides, he had the support of reporting his experiences to the doctor after the LSD-effect had worn off and discussing them during interviews between the LSD days, still without interpretations being given to him. Practical details of procedure are reported. The necessary caution in complying LSD for trealment purposes, especially the selection of patients, is emphasized: theoretical implications of the psychological material and the course of the curative process are discussed
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