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“The Role of Amines in Sexual Activity of Rats Deprived of Pineal Gland”. 
Pol J. Pharmacol.Pharm.. 1975;27(Suppl):69-75.
The role of amines in sexual activity of rats deprived of the pineal gland is described. Male rats, 4 to 5-mth-old, whose pineal glands had been destroyed at 20- to 25-days-old, were used. When the rats reached maturity, spontaneous locomotor activity, behavior in the open field and sexual activity were monitored. The effect of p-chlorphenylalanine (p-CPA, 100 mg/kg for 5 days), dopa (200 mg/kg for 5 days) alone or in combination with Ro-4-4602 (50 mg/kg), pimoside (0,1 mg/kg), phentolamine (10 mg/kg) and LSD-25 (30 mcg/kg) on sexual activity was also investigated. Rats deprived of pineal glands had significantly increased interest in female sexual organs (42%) and number of bearings increased by 50%. Behavior in the 'open-field' test was increased in pineal gland deprived rats and accompanied by a 9 0ncrease in dopamine levels. p-CPA potentiated the rats' sexual activity the number of bearings increased by 233% and rearing together with copulation by 252%. Dopa caused similarly increases of 423% and 370% respectively. Ro-4-4602 plus dopa antagonized the dopa- stimulating activity. Pimoside, phentolamine and LSD-25 totally abolished dopa- stimulated sexual activity. papa plus dopa produced the most powerful sexual stimulation; p-CPA decreased the 5-HT level in the brain by 83%, 5-HIAA by 76%, DA by 11% and NA by 38%. Dopa increased DA by 29%, 5-HIAA by 20% and 5 HT by 16% and decreased NA by 17%. Ro4-4602 plus dopa caused an increase DA of 28% and a greater decrease in 5-HT and 5-HIAA pared to dopa alone. Pimozide had no affect on amine levels ut phentolamine decreased by 5-HT by 11% and increased DA by 12% and NA by 27%. LSD only increased DA by 17% and NA by 17%;
Notes # : (Nur Zitat und Zusammenfassung aus Excerpta Medica Datenbank)
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