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Bélanger M, Brugal G, Chibon P. 
“Effets du LSD-25 sur le cycle cellulaire d'embryons de Pleurodeles waltlii Michah traités en fin de-gastrulation”. 
C.R.Acad. Sci.. 1975;281(24):1987-1990.
The effect.of LSD-25 on cell cycle was studied in embryos of Pleurodeies waltlii Michah treated at the end of gastrulation. Methods 100 Stage 13 embryos at 20ˇ were immersed in Holtfreters liquid or a 0.5 mg/ml-solution of LSD for 3 hr. after which they were injected with 0.02 microcurie/embryo 3H-thymidine. After 10 hr the distribution of cells between the 4 phases of the cycle and-DNA content .of nuclei-were measured by histoauto - radiography. Cytophotometry was us:ed to find mitotic index - at 1, 6 and l0 hr and.cycle and.phase durations. -Results - The. greater percentage -of LSD-treated cells were in the G2 phase, whereas most controls were. in the S-phase. The G2 and M phases of treated cells lasted for 1.5 hr as opposed to.1 hr for controls. The length of the S- phase was unaltered. Initiation of DNA synthesis was unaffected by LSD. Conclusion - The antimitotic activity of LSD probably arises from inhibition of. synthesis .of :proteins necessary for mitosis and retardation of mitotic kinetics. Activity was similar to that for vinblastine and colchicine.
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