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Back DJ, Singh JKG. 
“LSD: the distrubution of [3H]LSD in the reproductive system of the male rat and placental transfer in the female rat”. 
Experientia. 1977;33(4):501-02.
The distrubution of 3H-LSD in the male reproductive system, and its passage across the placenta in females was studied in rats. Mature male rats were given 0.5 mcg/kg 3H-LSD (24 microCi/kg) i.v. Blood was sampled at 30, 60 and IBO min before sacrifice and epi-didymal fluid collected. Radioactive content of seminal vesicles, coagulating gland, prostate gland, epididymes, testes and ductus deferentes were measured. 3H-LSD (24 microCi/kg) was given i.v. to 18 day pregnant females and blood sampled at 30, 60 and 240 min before sacrifice. Radio-active content of placenta and fetal homogenate was determined. In male rats, in most tissues, radioactivity approximated that in the blood. Radioactivity of epididymal plasma and spermatozoa was greater at 180 min than 60 min. but in other tissues it was greater at 60 min. Placental radioactivity was higher than maternal plasma rad-inactivity which was higher than fetal radioactivity and it fell sharply in all tissues between 30 and 60 min. thereafter declining slightly more gradually. Fetal radioactivity was about 0.11, 0.04, and 0.030f the administered dose at 30, 60 and 240 min.
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