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Appel JB. 
“Neurohumoral Determinants of Sensitivity to LSD”. 
Psychopharmacol. Bull.. 1976;12(2):61.
The influence of LSD on perception in rats, pigeons and squirrel monkeys was reported. In contrast to other compounds, lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) sometimes alters perception by changing the relationship between behavior and its consequences, The drug evidently has no consistent effect on sensory capacity in the rat or pigeon. An animal given LSD and placed in a relatively simple 2 choice discrete trial discrimination situation acts as if its incentive motivation or judgement (rather than its sensitivity) have been altered The study is in the data collection phase. prior to the administration of LSD, rats have been pretreated with p-chlorophenylalanine and p-chloroamphetamine, which alter the metabolism of brain serotonin, or b-hydroxyserotonin, which selectively destroys serotonergic neuronal pathways. The approach facilitatee correlation of the effects of LSD and related compounds on behavior with changes in neurochemistry
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