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Wessely P, Mamoli B, Presslich O, Zwischenberger J. 
“EEG-Untersuchungen im Längsschnitt bei der Entwöhnung von jugendlichen Polytoxikomanen”. 
Psychiatria clin.. 1975;8:212-221.
Serial EEG examinations (an average of three recordings in 14 weeks) are reported from adolescent inpatients (19 in number) who had been weaned of multiple drug abuse of an average duration of 2 years. At first examination seven had a normal EEG, 11 had a moderately abnormal EEG. and one had a markedly abnormal one. At final examination 13 had a normal EEG, five had a moderately abnormal EEG and three had definitely abnormal EEGs. The majority of tbe patients showed a decrease (significant at the 5 0.000000e+00vel), others an increase in EEG abnormalities. The relationship between the EEG changes in the course of the series on the one hand and the previous drug abuses is discussed.
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