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Twente RT,Theeuwen ABE,Verwey AMA. 
“Enige ervaringen met een gaschromatografische methode voor kwalitatief geneesmiddelenonderzoek in klein hoeveelheden blood of urine”. 
Pharm.Weekbl.. 1975;110(23):496-498.
Results of qualitative tests for various drugs (by GLC using either 30V-17 or 5% Apiezon L/5% KOH as stationary phase and listed retention times for identification) found in the blood or urine ˇr persons on whom blood alcohol tests have been performed are presented. Of a total of 14934 such cases during 1974, drugs were detected ;n 2014 cases, including diazepam in 375 and chlordiazepoxide in 172. Other drugs incl¨ded amitriptyline, barbiturates, Bellergal, bromisoval, carbamazepine, carbromal, chlorpronazine, chlorprothixene, chloral hydrate, cinnarizine, clomipramine, clonidine, clopentixol, cocaine, codeine, dextromoramide, diamorphine, disulfiram, Dolviran, Dormopan, doxopin, phenacetin, fenfluramine, phenobarbital, phenylbutazone, phenytoin, flupentixol, flurazopam, glalenine, haloperidol, hashish, imipramine, indometacin, levomepromazine, Librax, Limbitrol, lorazopam, LSD, Mandrax, mebbydrolin, medazopam, meprobamate, methadone, methaqualone, methyldopa, methylphenobarbital 14etodril, morphine, sodium 2-propylvaleriate, nicomorphine, nitrazopam, nortriptyline, noxiptiline, opipramol, orphenadrine, oxazopam oxyphencyclimine, paraldehyde, pecazine, pentazocine, perazine, perphenazine, periciazine, pizotifen, primidone, promethazine, reserpine, thiazinamium, thiopropazate, thiorida^ zinc, tolbutamide, trifluprornazine, trimipramine, tripelennamine, Vesprax and wokaminine. In addýtion results of 132 cases in which the blood alcohol was low (less than 1.00%) are given, in which the behavior of the persons concerned could only be explained by the presence of drugs. In these cases the presence of drugs stated to have been taken was often confirmed, although negative results were sometimes obtained. Additional drugs involved in these cases include amphetamine, brallobarbital, butobarbital, cyclobarbital, dimetracine, ephedrine, phenmetrazine, heptobarbital, hexobarbital, meclozine, methamphetamine, pentobarbital and secobarbital,
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